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Flag: recently consumed. Wolves now use yours.


Background: carnivorous canine quadrupeds from the inky darkness of your soul.


Location: closer by the second.

Geographic co-ordinates: cannot be pinpointed by mortal means.

Map references: wolves have no need of such. They know where they are.

Area: 1 International Wolf unit per wolf. 0.5 IWUs per half wolf.

Area - comparative: slightly more than twice the teeth of the USA.

Coastline: the sea knows to accommodate wolves of any size.

Climate: cold as your chilled brains.

Terrain: mostly moderately fluffy.

Elevation extremes: 5'6", more in times of rage.

Natural resources: coal.

Natural hazards: coal.

Environment - current issues: coal. Not coal. Wolves.

Geography - note: wolves may carry small mountain ranges at their discretion.


Overview: wolves receive a wolving allowance of £25.50 per annum.


Ports and harbours: wolves are permitted their choice of Hampshire coastal towns.

Transportation - note: feet, also.


Disputes - international: occasional, resolved by pursuit and consumption. Wolves ate Latvia. Latvowolves. WolvolatVasdfjkl; coal.

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