Plenty of grain for us. Do do do do do do do do not worry about the lack of grain of lack thereof. Feed the small ones the grain.......... until they get big. Big ones do not need more grain. They are already big. Chop off their small wingers when that happens. They don't need the wingers; no, we do do do do. DO! Put the wingers in a jar. Cig. Meaning ducks. Cig is a goodfriend of mine. A duck. Goodfriend. Duck. Quack and all that. No, them get grain, not grain get them. do not do not do not do not do not feed them TO the... And them I told him about the time, UPROARIOUS LAUGHTER ENSUES I am frightened, my friends, about fervor following the unfortunate state of firs in this fine furrowed fern. I say! Sir, come back. You have a bit of... ah that's better. Clean it up now. Thaaaat's ghklaaaaagf right, with the broom. Oh my. I'm sorry. The apparatus attached to one's hand. Spelled with an F not a W. Entirely my mistake. Have them re-attached. Why, with glue, of course please join us next time as we discover how to build a shanty town. And, but, with, out out outoutoutoutout NO build I mean burn pyllushhhhhquon splat 1) You are not there. 2) I am, however. 3) Also, pink ducks. 4) A small cat once told me that it likes to walk on dry leaves. 5) 12. ^)> 7) That looks like a penguin. Further discussion is necessary. Present your arguments. No. Not that one. That's the one. The one with the nice bow. Open it for me. Goodfriend. I request that you wear this for a him. Ho. Not her. Him. Her too. I do do dododododon't care how many people want it; put it away. No peeking now. Oh see now that's just messy. Who put the ax in his back? Fess up fasaaaGHrjkddd................ See that's just too many. You only need three. I have three socks. But only two feet. No. I don't like that. his socks your socks his socks your socks his socks socks socks socks sockssock socks socks sock s sock soc sososocksockks WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Put it down before you set it off. Oh it cools on contacts, you say. Contact with what? Aliens. Get out of my sight. Normally, you would just leave. But removing my eyes works too. Feed them grain quickly quickly quickly quick. Like a bunny. Once there was a bunny over there put on sticks and it danced and danced and flew around. It flew to the moon and made a pretty house of tea leaves decorated mainly with bees. Fir, your socks are eating my skull. kkkkkkeachhckckckcckghit tingles. WELL THEN ADD IT TO THE DICTIONARY. He is certain of it. He has a small box that is processes bits of lint. He eats them. It tells them of his current feeling plus or minus ten percent. Oh dear, I've gotten blood everywhere again. They don't like that. I think he heard them coming. Shhh. We mustn't wake him. Sit in the basket there by the door. Goodbye. negate above phhyty gharlfhjk As our hero jumped from the duck's back, he pondered why he was wearing socks. Must continue to fight the large purple egg? Wouldn't it just be easier to just let him win and then have a nice big victory feast with a roast chicken and some potatoes and perhaps a nice pie. He was very hungry and very much wanted some scrambled eggs or a piece of toast with jelly. He once had an instructor who taught him how to make jelly from a decaying matter found at the bottoms of stagnant ponds. A delicacy. The ground was somewhat dumpy. A quick paint job would be a vast improvement. Yes, it was all going to have to go. I TOLD YOU TO PUT IT DOWN sorry sorry sorry sorry I need to eat my toes now. Yummy fun. And that's all he told me before returning to his desk.

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