Spanish grammar is really quite simple.

hablar (infinitive)
hablabla (subjunctive)
hablablablablabla (past, present and future interminable)
hablado (past simple)
hablobble (past silly)
hablalavistababy (past Arniative)
haballs (present testicular)
habla! (imperative)
HABLA! (intimidatular imperative)
hahahahablar (present comedicative)
hablasandorarablahado (god only knows)
habladsadoandandobla (er...)
hablahlblhlhalbhalabhlablhblabhalh (possibly Arabic?)
hablais (ah! that's... er...)
habalabalbaisamos (damn, almost had it)
hablossosmosmos (what?)
hablar (hey! we've had that one!)
hablabanadoandoratando (um... plupresent... imperfect... subaccusativo-past... participular)
hablar (there it is again!)
habla... ha ha! (now it's doing the Rocky Horror Show!)
hablarando (that's more like it. That's the...)
hablarandisisaranado (I didn't have enough time! no fair!)
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy (that's not Spanish!)
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy-ar (er... hispanorussian infinitive... maybe?)
hablar (now it's just being cheeky)
hablissimus (right, that's it. I'm going home)
HABLISSIMUS (OK! OK! I get the idea)
hablar hablar hablar (please stop ganging up on me)
HABLAR (aagh!)
hablar (er...)
HABLRARRRR! (OK! infinitive! infinitive!)
hablar. (jeez)
hablimos (oh come on, you're not even conjugating properly now)
habla (it's got me!)
habble (argh!)
abble ( )
abble ( )

he comido

Surviving advanced students may now move on to chapter two.

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