15 Pictures To Remind You Why 90s Friendships Were Made To Last

If you grew up in the nineties, you probably forged friendships in your school years that lasted throughout the years. Even though we may have lost touch with some of our friends, we have a lot to remember them by. 

1.    We had a lot invested in the friendship

Remember spending your pocket money to share a  riendship necklace with your bff, or investing a lot of time in weaving a friendship band? How could one break up a friendship after that!

2. When we felt down, we had proof

Oh those mood rings (which were totally accurate, of course). What friend can't feel sympathy if you can prove that your emotions are true?

3. Friendships were built on a solid foundation - like your music taste

You were either a Techno freak or a Metalhead - the two were inconsolable.

4. We had commitment training

If we could keep a Tamagotchi alive, which took a lot of time and effort, we sure as hell could also keep our friendships going.

5. We all had the same past indiscretions we wouldn't talk about

Because who wasn't a mega Spice Girls, Britney Spears or boy band (Westlife, Back Street Boys) fan at some stage?

6. Posting your friend's embarrassing pictures or videos online was not an option

Even if we did go through a stage in the friendship where we didn't like one another much, there was no Youtube or Facebook we could upload it to. This made friendships way easier to restore.

7.  Watching movies at home required an outing

Remember going to the Blockbuster together to rent a video the other one hasn't watched yet? It was also a great opportunity to just get out of the house and stock up on popcorn and other snacks.

8. Our friendships strengthened as the Titanic sank

Because watching the Titanic together was a bonding experience. Who didn't giggle nervously at that famous sex scene?


9. Our friends could predict our futures


As our future was often held in the hands of our friends in the origami fortuneteller we had to play it nice...


10. We traded everything - from Pokemon cards to the lyrics of our favorite songs


Even though we didn't understand much about the Pokemon cards, we traded it anyway. And remember playing back a CD second for second to write down the lyrics of your favorite songs before the Internet?  A good friend would help you with that and an even better friend would give you the guitar tabs as well.


11. We had symbols that mattered

Not that we really knew what the Ying Yang or the Peace Symbol really meant, but they were awesome. And don’t forget about the alien, the weed sign, the sun and the dolphin that proved how much we were in touch with nature…


12. We had autograph books to remember each other by


Remember getting your friends to write little poems and other cool things in your autograph book? 


13. We embraced our youth

We even wore giant pacifiers around our necks! And there was no shame in sucking on a pacifier-shaped candy dangling from your neck either. We also fully believed Bryan Adams’ words, “18 till I die”

14. You had to borrow change from your friends if you wanted to phone your parents

If an emergency came up, there was no way to let your parents know unless you went to your friend’s house to use the phone or use the phone booth. The latter was usually closer, which means you always had to have loose change on you.


15. Copying files over took hours, forcing friends to spend a lot of time together

If you wanted something from your friends’ PC, you had to spend hours there and bring along boxes of floppy disks to actually get it done.

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