Which Hogwarts House do you belong in?

please take my test. it's just a bit of fun.
also, i apologise for any spelling mistakes i might've made while making the test.


Get started with these questions...


If you found a wallet on the street, with no ID in it, just a couple od $20's. would you...?


You see some older kids beating up a younger one, when you were/ are at school. what do you do?


Some of your friends got a little to drunk at a party, and wanna take a look at the towns haunted house (Not halloween, the real deal. Sorta). Do you...?


You find out your best friend is dealing/doing drugs. how do you react?


Whats your favourite colour???


If you find out that your Girl/Boyfriend (dependimg on which you have) is cheating on you with your best friend.


It's april fools, and your best friend just got pranked/embaressed in front of everyone (including their crush).


Your Grandma flies over for your birthday, and got you the samething she got you when you were 5 (and 6 and 7 and 8 ect ect). you...


You meet your favourite celbrity in person, but they turn out to be a major jerk. you...


you find your friend cheating on a test. What do you do?

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