(This is a 20 Minutes RPG Mini-Quest and MTG Psychochromatic Test, with an ending determined by the course of your actions. Enjoy!)

Your mystical journey starts as you are hurled across the sky towards a strange, unknown world. Your inner magical power glows brightly, leaving a sparkling trail through the clouds. You are barely conscious, your mind is on fire. All you remember is being sucked in a swirling vortex of dimensional energies. You come from Ravnica, but you just crossed to an unknown plane of existence. You are lost, and far from home.

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01 - You wake up in a small crater, dust still hanging in the air. You are in a valley, deep within an immense, ageless forest. You know you must explore this alien wilderness and its natural splendours if you are to survive, and to find your way back home.


02 - After a week of exploration, you arrive upon a gigantic, well-fortified city. While buying food at the city's market square, you hear a guard talking about their ruler, the Sorcerer-King. After a small bribe, the guard reveals to you how powerful his master is, and how evil and dangerous he has become. You decide to spend as much time as needed to gather information and study this infamous Sorcerer-King and his legendary powers.


03 - The Sorcerer-King has just learned about your existence, and about your mysterious powers, which are not unlike his own. He has ordered your arrest. Does he fear you? After weeks of hiding and fighting with his minions, you attack his castle and manage to retrieve one of his most powerful artefacts, his dark magical book. After reading the book, you realize it is sentient. The evil, magical book offers you unimaginable powers in exchange for the sacrifice of an innocent.


04 - Since you stole his magical book, the Sorcerer-King has sent hundreds of minions to get rid of you. You have found out, from a careful study of the book, that the Sorcerer-King also comes from another world, and could hold the key to leaving this world and finding your way back home again. Alas, your powers are still too weak to confront him directly. You must find allies within the city's populace.


05 - Such a tragic ending! You have failed. The Sorcerer-King has found you, taking you by surprise. You have been captured. Enslaved and chained at his castle, days pass by and the evil Lord keeps you in his private chamber, treating you as a pet, trying to break you in revealing the secrets of your mystical powers. Each night, a servant discreetly comes to you out of compassion, to give you water and bread, and friendship. But tonight, the servant was caught... The Sorcerer-King, displeased by such display of compassion, cold-bloodedly murdered the poor sod, engulfing him in a magical crimson fire until his screams were no more... This time, the Sorcerer-King has finally gone too far. Your emotions take over, unlocking unknown, terrifying energies from deep within yourself. You feel your inner power raging, growing. Your puny shackles are no longer able to restrain your fully unleashed might. It is time to destroy your archenemy once and for all!


06 - A year has passed since you defeated the Sorcerer-King. Your full powers unlocked, you finally learn how to travel through space, and you embark on a journey throughout the infinite planes of existence, visiting countless worlds beyond your wildest dreams, in search of your home... Ravnica. You just arrived on a new world, the desert-planet of Athas. There you meet an old hermit, a planeswalker like yourself. He offers you his teachings, and becomes your mentor. Your new mentor tells you of this desert-planet, a dying world once green and full of life, now a dry wasteland of suffering and slavery. Before you leave, you decide to take action.


07 - Still searching for your home world Ravnica, you stop by a shadowy plane named Ravenloft to rest and gather supplies. Your mentor warns you to leave this cursed land, or suffer the curse yourself. The souls that dwell here are damned, he insists, telling you about vampires, necromancers and ghosts. You refuse to heed the warnings of your mentor, and visit the dark city of Innistrad. You knew the risks, yet you would never have believed the curse to strike you so deeply: within Innistrad, you meet a very attractive person, and... despite your reluctance, you realize you have fallen madly in love. All goes well, until you learn your loved one is dying from a terrible curse. Nothing can be done. Your heart is torn apart with conflicting emotions.


08 - You leave the accursed plane. Traveling once more between worlds, you stumble across a well-guarded secret: the name of the Dark God responsible for cursing Ravenloft, the God responsible for the deadly curse of your loved one... Your mentor tries to stop you, but you've made up your mind. You venture into the unknown once more, but this time traveling not between the lands of the living, but down into the planes of the dead, to reach the Dark God's realm. You have gravely overestimated yourself. Once you enter the Dark God's realm of the dead, the powerful, ageless entity battles you with a might you have never seen before. You are easily crushed by the Dark God's superior power. Broken and defeated, you see your entire life flash before your eyes...


09 - Oblivion. The end is upon you, as the Dark God strikes you down with his deadly scythe. Suddenly, a great flash of light blinds both you and your adversary! How can it be, you ask yourself? You still live! What madness is this? You rub your eyes, unsure of what you are seeing. The Dark God has stepped back from the light. And a spirit of blinding light dances above you! Yes, it is the spirit of your deceased loved one, protecting you here in the realm of the dead! Then, a mystical portal opens: your mentor walks into the realm, powered up and ready to fight. He yells at you, urging you to cast the powerful fusion spell he has taught you. Your loved one smiles at you, and you smile back, understanding each other perfectly. With a blinding display of power, both accepting each other's burden with but a touch, your loved one and yourself begin to fuse with each other, becoming a single entity, at long last reunited - forever. The dead of the realm, seeing you now as a protector of their souls, start to gather around you and lend you their strength, crying out for vengeance against their dark captor. With the help of your mentor and your newfound, fused powers, you unleash unspeakable energies upon the Dark God. Bards of every world will tell this tale for ages, for you are victorious. You have defeated a God!


10 - After leaving the damned realm of the dead, you fly through the planes, feeling your loved one deep within you. You have now achieved godlike powers, and you start to wonder what are the limits of your inner strength. While resting on a small uninhabited plane, your mentor demands to talk to you. He believes you have surpassed his own power and knowledge. You no longer need his guidance. He will depart and continue his own journey elsewhere. But before he leaves, you ask of him one last word of advice. You ask him what is your greatest flaw. He answers:


11 - Your Quest for Ravnica is almost at an end. You meditate about yourself and your long adventures, wondering what you will do once you enter Ravnica, what you will do with the rest of your life. You remember the harsh last words of your mentor... Suddenly, you experience an epiphany, realizing your own inner conflict. You tell yourself :

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