The Bold Challenge

The Bold Challenge is a Myers-Briggs / Davidson based personality test that defines boldness based on answering questions about beer, St. Patricks's Day and Basketball.

Are you bold enough to step up to the Guinness Challenge? Find out here.

Get started with these questions...


Your teammates can always count on you to come through on the project or in the game at the cluth moment.


I typically stick with the beers I like.


You look forward every year to going out with the same group of friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


Seven seconds on the left on the clock, one timeout left, tied game. Do you follow your impulse or call timeout?


I like to try differnt things, such as mixing two types of beers, or even beer and cocktails.


When celebrating St. Patrick's Day you look to make a splash.


When picking your bracket, you take a logical and strategic approach.


When choosing a beer, performance matters more than hype.


When celebrating St. Patrick's Day you look at all the options before making the best decision.


You are a student of the game, but you trust your instincts when it comes to making a decision.


I will support a beer that is true to itself and supports the common good.


The saying is that, "Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day," but you're proud of your own heritage and support the Irish in celebration.

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