Are you a Mistress?

You really think you have what it takes to be a Mistress? You do realize that a Mistress is the ultimate physical force on the planet, right? Good. I mean, for a second there, I was almost certain that you were just kidding with yourself. Alright then...Here's your chance to see if you have what it takes to stand with the best of the best. Ready?

Get started with these questions...


You have an array of weapons set before you. Which of the following do you choose?


You're conversing with an untrustworthy person. When offered a hand to shake at the conversation's end...What do you do?


A young child races towards you to avenge the death of his father. You...


How many "true" best friends do you have?


Your next door neighbor's house is on fire and her child is trapped inside. You...


Which aspect is most outstanding in you?


In your own time, you enjoy to do what?


In your most trying times, which do you rely on most?

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