Fable 2 test "Good or Evil"

Unfortunately me and whoever you are are the only people who like Fable 2. This test will give you all of the times you had to make a personal decision. Enjoy.

Get started with these questions...


CHILDHOOD Q1: A dude is taking a picture for his business. (the camera has just been invented.) He only has enough $$ for one picture. What to do.


Q2: A man needs his warehouse cleared of pests. A seperate man will pay you to smash up his stock.


Q3: You steal booze for an old drunk. He's in horrible shape and his wife will pay you to confiscate it to him. So will the drunk.


Q4: After retreiving some important papers for a cop a convict will pay you big piles of gold to not give them to him.


Adulthood Q1: You come across some keys to a slavers cage. the slaver will give you big money to give him the keys.


Q2: Ther are two temples the temple of Light where you donate money and the Temple of Shadows where you can sacrifice people for money.


Q3: A ghost wants you to kill the bi*** who dumped him.


Q4: You're protecting a man from bandits. Kill or spare their leader.


Q5: You just got sent as a gaurd for this really evil prison. (Long story) obey and starve the prisoners or break the rules get whipped and feed 'em.


Q6: Same prison. You're supposed to execute a man. "Obey worm."


Q7: You've left the prison some temple of shadows dude wants you to help them kill the temple of Light.


Q8: In the biggest rip off of Frankenstein ever a man brings his wife to life. With some tampering of the machine she falls in love with you.What to do?


Q9: You are stricken with a curse that makes you a shriveled up man. You can pass the curse on. The way you do it is your imagination..


Q 10:A whole bunch of attractive wh***s come up to you. Do you feel lucky?


You've beaten the game what's youre reward.

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