The Road To Doomdom

If you ever wondered what will happen to you, here's where you can find out. Imagine you are in a magical world, full of fudge, celery, and elves....

Get started with these questions...


There is a fork in the road. What do you do?


A man stops you on the road and demands your money. He's kind of a loser, pretty fat and ugly. What do you do?


An elf is walking behind you. After a while, he starts tugging on your shirt. You turn around and say,


You see a castle in the distance. A sign that points to it says, "Come now and you will receive great rewards." What do you do?


A robed stranger offers you a job as a television anchor in exchange for two skinned cats. You:


A Spaniard approaches you. What do you do?


You see a beautiful tree blocking the middle of the road. You get past it by:


You get to the mountain of Doom. What do you do?


You are allowed one final comment before being executed by the unicorns of Flamboyancy. You say:

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