Are you down with the Charming Associates?

It doesn't matter if you're dapper or a slapper with the clap or an indie back packer or a gangster ass gapper! What matters is are you down with the charmings? Have you got that Holybourne magic? Or are you destined for another fate. Carry on, people, carry on. Brrrrrrrrrap (charmingly)!

Get started with these questions...


So then. What do you know of the charming associates?


OK. Thats that cleared up. So, to business. what do you like to get up to?


What does the phrase 'Satorial elegance' cause you to envisage


Look at the time! Its 4 o clock! What must be done?


4 o clock has passed...So, what do you know of Cake Dogg?


If i asked for directions to the GU3/4, what would you say?


Finally...erm...oh fuck it, that bloody question. Have you ever obliterated a village?

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