The Movie Buff Test

This test is to know how well you know your movies! From 80s movies up to the present day. Let's see how long your eyes have been glued to the tube.

Get started with these questions...


What was the fat kid's name in the Goonies?


Who said, "I do not regret the things that I have done, but those that I will never do."


Who does this best describe: mullet, speaks cantonese, has his own tv show and a hot girlfriend who sings for a kick ass band?


Fill in the blank: The --------- Club


What movie had the hottest actor?


"What does this smell like to you, ass crack or pepperoni? I've got five bucks on pepperoni."


Name this scene: laughing gas, "we've got chippies, we've got chippies, we've got lots of stuff to eat", and syringes used as darts


What song does Austin Powers sing in the third movie after his knighting ceremony?


What is "purple sticky punch" and who tries to grow it in what movie?

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