Would You Survive in Alien?

So... do you fancy yourself as a Ripley, who (despite the unfortunate detail of dying in Alien 3 and being cloned in Alien Resurrection) was never once killed by one of those xenomorph thingys... or are you one of the endless disposable crew members, soldiers or stupid scientists - that believe these almost unstoppable killing machines should be studied... The Fools...
Anyways...see for yourself...

Get started with these questions...


You're fast asleep in your cryotube sleepy thing, dreaming of that none-to-pleasant crudhole you call Earth. What do you see?


The alarms ring high and rudely awakens you from your tube. What do you do?


You have discovered an Alien ship crashed on a foreign planet. What now?


Thanks to that scum-sucking scientist, a xenomorph killing machine is on board the ship. Get yourself out of that one!


It's finally over....or is it?


Can't end a quiz without this cliché....Pick a colour...

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