What overly played oldies song are you?

You turn on the radio. You tweak the knob. Finally! A station without all of that blaring rap music! That stuff gives you a headache. Of course, the station you have landed on is either the news, country music (satan's work), or the ubiquitous oldies station. Chances are, it's the third one, as it was recently made a federal law that every city contain at least four oldies radio stations. While listening to these songs, don't you wonder: Am I one of them? Naturally, you are one of the four songs I thought of in thirty seconds. Have a go and see what you find.

Get started with these questions...


When you walk down the street singing, what are people's general reactions?


What is your personality type?


Does anyone like you?


Could you possibly suck more than you do?


Could you possibly be any better than you are?

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