What would you do?

What would you do in the following situations...

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You're reading through random diaries one day and notice a post that sounds like someone you used to be friends with... do you:


You somehow make contact with the friend, but s/he's very distant you...


You end up at your friend's birthday party, you are:


You and your friend are finally getting along. As a special treat for her/him, you:


As the closing to your date, you:


You ended up having sex with your friend after the date, but had to go on a trip the next day, it's been 5 days since you saw her/him last, do you:


You called her and decided to hang out. Do you:


You ended up discussing what happened and have decided that:


You've decided to be friends with benefits, but you live with your mother, so in order to have time alone together, you take turns coming up with things to do. It's your turn, what do you do?


You've been hanging out regularly, but have kept your sex life completely separate from your friendship. One day s/he says s/he has a lot on her/his mind and doesn't want to talk about it yet. You:


The next night you're once again talking and s/he says s/he has a crush on you and that's what was on her/his mind the night before. You:


It's Sunday night, you've just spent a fabulous weekend having sex and hanging out. You've just found out that your mother is going away for the evening. You:


Your mother comes home early and sees that you've skipped work to be with her/him. She's quite obviously angry, so you:


You're talking on the phone and s/he tells you that s/he wanted to ask you out, but decided not to because s/he doesn't want to hurt you. You:


It's confession time. You:


You go out with her/him Friday night and on the way home are discussing why s/he doesn't want to ask you to be her/his girlfriend/boyfriend. After pulling in to the driveway you:

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