The mega rock lyrics test! By PD4

How well do you know your rock lyrics?

Get started with these questions...


1) Who sang: "The surface is so cold and worthless, All the things that I have still come from there, So paint the windows infront of my face, when you know damn well there's no one behind them".


2) Who sang: "Try and hit me again, if you like, Throw your hate at me, with all your might, Hit me 'cause i'm strange, hit me, Tell me i'm a pussy and you're harder than me".


3) I have translated some Rammstein lyrics into English. Which song are these lyrics from? "Today I will meet a gentleman, He likes me so much he could eat me up, Soft parts and even hard ones, Are on the menu".


4) Which Slipknot song are these lyrics from: " Your impossible ego fuck is like a, Megalomaniacal tab on my tongue, You fuckin' touch me I will rip you apart, I'll reach in and take a bite out of that, Shit you call a heart".


5) Who sang these lyrics on Soulfly's "Primitive" album: "Jumpdafuckup! Muthafucka you don't understand, All my hate! Muthafucka you don't understand, All my rage! Muthafucka you don't understand, All my pain! Muthafucka you don't understand..."


6) Fill in the blanks in this Coal Chamber song: "Pull- steamroller ...... through, My ..... said attached to ...., Power up .... through the system, Out to the right, Said you're in my, .....".


7) Here's an easy one. Who sang: "Get up, Come on get down with the sickness".


8) Picture this. You are one of the members of System of a Down. Having already woken up, put on your makeup, and hidden your scars (to fade away the shakeup, obviously) you are now enjoying some chop suey. But why'd you leave the keys upon the table?


9) Which Metallica album do these lyrics belong on: "Exit light, Enter night, Take my hand, We're off to never never land".


10) Which Deftones song are these lyrics from: "Chrome buttons, buckles and leather surfaces, These and other lucky witnesses, Now to calm me, Take me around again, Drive faster".

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