Which Chaboya student are you destined to kill?

We all have the preset coordinates of destruction programmed right into our "noggins", it's just a matter of who it is we kill and how we get there -emotionally, physically, or sexually. Try to answer honestly the first time around (it should be more or less accurate) then try em all to find the others.

by the late and great josh cabrido, whores

Get started with these questions...


Ok, let's get this question out of the way: Have you ever killed someone before?


Good, now we can move on. Do you have a blog?


In middle school, people...


Which of these items would you throw off a plane first to keep it from crashing?


Which of these movies sounds least appealing?


Your significant other just dumped you. You...


You are at a bar with some friends. A relatively unattractive man/woman comes up to you. He's drunk and his breath smells bad. Which pick-up line would he have to use to make you kick his ass?


Who would win at a game of "Battleship!" - Vivian Ngo or Michelle Ho?


Which of these jobs would you prefer if there can be only one of you in the entire world?


Who is the person most likely to kill you?


You and a LOT of friends are playing spin the bottle at Chaboya. It lands on you, then Harish Dixit. If you don't carry through, the herpes faerie comes to your house at night and "blesses" you with her "divine touch." And you get AIDs. You...


What did you wear to the graduation dance?


If you had to put one of them on a remote island where you couldn't contact them or see them or even hear about them for the rest of your life, who would you choose?

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