The Frat House Nickname Generator by jrdphish

I don't care who you are or how tightly you grasp the notion that you are a "non-conformist" or a "free thinker" or how you don't have to "buy your friends" or that you "don't really want to have any fun in college".

The Fact of the matter is, there is something about Frat life that is appealing to everyone.

Maybe it's the binge drinking...Could it be the crazy sex stories?...Maybe it's the vandalization...Or perhaps it is the identity you recieve upon your initiation...a moniker that will, undoubtedly, stay with you the rest of your days.

Here's your chance to recieve your very own Frat House Nickname. Feel Free to sign all of your emails with this name and also to refuse to answer to anything but this title while intoxicated.


Start by picking one of the below. You are...

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