What You Would Be Called If You Went To MSA

There is a school in MN known as MSA partly becase it is so freakishly AWESOME that it only needs three letters to describe it and partly because everyone is too lazy to say it's real name (which actually is really long). During the time between classes people move through the hallways like some sort of horrific parrody of The Day The Earth Stood Still (because the people who designed the hallways decided that it would be a good idea to stop kids from running if they were all forced through a very narrow hallway like livestock at the slaughter house). But after everyone is nice and "safe" in their classrooms is when "they" come "out" from their "place". These kids are so utterly moronic that they have been cursed with names that tell anyone how stupid they really are in an instant. Every one else with names got them because of how awesome they are.

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