Your very own Tarot Deck Generator

The Tarot is a popular means of divination, and it's even more popular now than ever, it use to be there was just the basic deck, now there are Tarots with such themes as The Baseball Tarot, The Tarot of the Catpeople & lots of others.

That being the case let this divination tool tell you what YOUR special & private deck might be.

This will first tell you what the suits, which in the normal deck are Pentacles (diamonds), Wands (clubs), Swords (spades) & Cups (hearts.) are.

Then it will tell you what the theme should be and what one of the Major Arcana is being changed to, after that all you need is an artist.

Which generation do you belong to?

What do you currently do in life?

What is your deepest desire?

What,would you say, is your strongest quality?

What role do you play in your friendships?

How often do you work out?

Why did you take this test?

What do you dream about when you sleep?

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Do you have a bucket list?

Pick one of the below. You are...

Now enter your name and click the button:


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