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The "Chad's Mind" Name Generator


(By the way, imagine this introduction in a scraggly, cantankerous old man voice. Please? It will really boost your confidence in it!)

BEWARE! You have entered into the unwholesome and frightening realm of Chad's Mind, a dank pit of Unfriendliness from whence there is no Return. You are stuck.

Bummer, eh?

Well, since you're here anyway, you may as well have a new name. Really, though, if you don't have a name from Chad's Mind, no one will take you seriously here. Chad didn't have one for the longest time, and everyone laughed at him. In his own mind!! (That was between fifth and sixth grade by the way. Chad apoligizes for any feelings of animosity he may have generated during that period, but surely you'll forgive him. I mean, they WERE laughing!)

Anyway, on to your name.

Here you must insert your current, happy-go-lucky, "Normal Mind" name. After this, you shall only be known by your fancy new "Chad's Mind" name. MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR FIRST, MIDDLE, AND LAST NAME!!!!!! If you don't have all three, make them up, we're not picky here.

Ready? Deep breath!.....GO!

You are:
Please enter your name:

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