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The Starbucks Name Generator

What Is Your Starbucks Name?

What is Your Starbucks Name?

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You know how whenever you go to a Starbucks and order a drink they ask you for your name? Then they put your name on a cup, and when your drink is ready, they yell out your name so that you can go retrieve your drink? Of course, half the time, all the other people with the same name have done the same thing, and your drink is gone. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Or maybe you just hate giving your personal name out for the rest of the world to hear. Or maybe you don't want the rest of the world knowing that you secretly drink quad espresso Frappucinos like they are going out of style.

Well, your new Starbucks name will fix all of that for you!

So, let's begin!

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