Find the Ancestor - A Na'vi Name Generator (extract)

(Ngaytxoa, fì'ut ke ngolop nìwotx.)
(Sorry it's incomplete, please don't consider it first.)

This generates names following Na'vi word building rules, the Pandoran language in James Cameron's AVATAR, created by Prof. Paul Frommer. Make sure know what it's before clicking the button..

The actual program is written in November 2010, but it takes 2 years time for me to figure out what this site's doing... OK I think there's another (several) Na'vi name generator(s) here, but after seeing others' comments, you know they are just finding a name for you in a list lacks content. Now this is made for non-Windows users (since they can't try the actual program,) I've picked nearly 10,000 names to here, it just takes me a few minutes. Draw a name by randomly typing any massive things without too many B, D, Q and J's, and give at least one space.

Stxoti rivun ko!
Have fun!

— Ikran Ahiyìk
January 15, 2012

... If you're Windows user I strongly recommend you to try the original and full version.

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