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www.CoutureCowgirl.com Barn Name

by Missy

Pick the part of our Couture Cowgirl definition best describes you and get your new CC Barn Name!
"A Couture Cowgirl is the girl next door that can drive a tractor, fix a five course meal, watch a baby and still be stylin. Shes the executive who dreams of wide open spaces. Shes the commuter that would rather be on a horse than the freeway. She loves fashion, she loves the ranch. She is the one who is all woman and can do a mans job if she needs to. A Couture Cowgirl knows when to walk, when to trot and when to close the gate. She is the it girl, she fixes the fence on the way to town and still looks like a million bucks at dinner. A Couture Cowgirl is you, Proclaim it Proudly! And with Style, of course..."

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