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Neo Digital Sortes Fortuna Publica

by Terry McCombs

Neo Digital Sortes Fortuna Publica


The New Digital Oracle of the People.

Everybody has heard about the Delphi Oracle, thing is that was for the rich folks of Ancient Rome, if regular folks wanted their fortune told they went to the temple of Fortuna, the Goddess of luck and chance, there a boy would pull strips of oak, on which different things had been written, out of a box , or they would buy a special cake or biscuit in which one or more of those strips had been baked (yes the Romans invented the fortune cookie!) it was then left to the holder of those chips to interpret what they meant.

This was so popular that it continued for more than a hundred years after Rome became Christian until stopped by the Church and Emperor in the 4th century.

Well I have brought it back. . . More of less, and you will find it below.

So if you want to consult the New Oracle of Fortuna write your question below and see what turns up, not to worry, only some of it is in Latin, however you will still have to do your own interpretations of what turns up.

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