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Cupcake Name Generator

hai. you've clicked the link to this name generator because you want a name for a cupcake, i'm guessing.. note that the FEMALE names are very feminine, and the MALE names are masculine...ish. have fun :]

NOTE: all last names are the same, ie: "Lyla van Cupcake", "Ramble Scramble Cupcake"...but in the Male names, not all last names are "Cupcake". there aren't many Male names because i'm a female and i've got loads of female names. sorry for the inconveniencedklfjfe. i know, i know...the punk cupcake section is crappy...but i had to have a variety!

PS: no, this generator was not an idea copied by "the cupcake mastuh name generator" because my friend made that one for a site i have. this one is also for my site, so yeah. i just wanted to let everyone know that!!

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