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You are here for one of three reasons. 1) I sent you a link here. If so, then haha, I know you. Now go away. 2) You’re an inspiring scenester or you just realized that scene names are very cool/in/conformist/trendy, whatever your reason, and you want one. 3) You don’t know why you’re here. You don’t seriously want a scene name, you were just on the internet and found this. Fine then.

You can skip the rest of the spiel if you want and just go get your name, but if you’re serious about this scene name business, you can read this: http://weblog.xanga.com/SceneXCoreXNames
It might help someday.

The following generator is separated into categories by the first letter of your name. Within each category is a list of “scene” words. Examples: Alarming, Catastrophe, Macabre, etc. It will pick a word that begins with the same letter of your first name. And it might just click. They will all be presented in the easy format “[Your Name Here] X Scene Word” So if your name is Anna, and you get “[Your Name Here] X Alarming” your scene name would be Anna X Alarming, or annaxalarming, etc.

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