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WoW Character Name Generator

by Chris

Hi, First of all, This was made by me (Chris) for fun, if you don't like it then it didn't take longer than a few seconds. I tried quite hard on this, and some names might be rediculous, but it's all for fun, and hey, you might get a good name. I made it so it's for races and classes, so you might not generate the same name for a gnome mage as you would for a gnome warrior. I usually go by the name Genesis, and I am on the popular growing WoW message board wowhacks.net, join us if you want, since i'm guessing if your viewing this, your a WoW fan :P If you wanna talk to me email me at wownamegenerator@hotmail.co.uk, please give me suggestions, constructive critisism, you may also add me on msn, but I wont be on very much, but you might be lucky and catch me. ;)

This was started 23rd of November 2007.

I am aware that currently all the classes and race combinations aren't there, but once they are this part of the message will be removed.

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