Which Peeg are you?

He's out daily on this site; you know and love him, we're sure. (Yes, you do.) But he comes in many shapes and sizes - which one are you?

Get started with these questions...


It's a proven fact that loofahs - a type of vegetable sponge - are quite often DANGEROUS COMMUNIST PIGS. With this in mind, if a loofah came up to you on the street, would you get heavy on its ass with a fearsome chop?


Celebrities are funny animals; Kevin Bacon, for instance, permanently looked like some kind of demented man-beast. If you were a demented man-beast, would you seek a fulfilling career in film like Kevin Bacon?


Imagine for a moment that someone's ground your insides to a pulp and is merrily feeding them into your intestines. Wouldn't that be the wurst?


Do you ever feel like smoking a joint?


A cosh is a piece of leather-covered metal with a flexible handle; quite a nasty weapon, really. Or a nice one, if you like that sort of thing. Anyway, if you were more like one than you are at the moment, would you be cosher?


Do you often find yourself getting into truffle?


Have you ever trawled the dark corners and seedy undergrowth, looking for cheap boars?


When you wake up in the morning, and you've slept the wrong way and your muscles are tired and sore, do you hear your back crackling?


Ever wish you were pig?


Are you tired of bad pig puns yet?


Have you ever obliterated a village?


Have you ever obliterated a village?


Have you ever been saved by a wise old spider and her linguistic web-crawling antics?

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