@rumandmonkey We're off to obliterate a village. See you soon.

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

Lunatic questions!
Have you ever obliterated a village, close relatives, or Siberia?
Do you abhor human contact?
Do you have a thing for electric light and poetry?
Were you on close terms with Mark Twain?
Do you have perfectly reasonable and sane claims to vast pomp and splendour?
Were your possessions at death a trifle on the eclectic side?
Fools! Will you destroy them all?
Planets! Will you destroy them all?
Would you consider your personal problems to be traceable to animal-related childhood trauma?
Siblings. Wouldn't they be better off dead?
Siblings. Wouldn't they be better off in bed... yours?
Are respectable professionals in considerable peril merely by being in your presence?
Have you ever felt a curious affinity with bottles, windows, decanters and the like?
Do you have problems letting go of a grudge?
Did you have severe problems understanding certain basic principles of hygiene?
Would you consider yourself highly-strung?
Feelin' Papal?
Is it unheard of for you to cause harm to another human being?
Were your final days replete with vast quantities of fruit or wigs?
Were you loved?

Owen wrote this.