How Dumb Are You?

You know you're stupid. Deep down, you fear it. But now - now we provide to means for you to share your ignorance with the rest of the world. Feel the love! Feel the love!

Get started with these questions...


Do you eat dirt on a regular basis?


Have you ever mistaken a large man with a big leather glove for your mommy?


Isn't Austria the country where they say "g'day" a lot and chase roos on their yutes?


Have you ever accidentally set fire to a body part?


Have you ever set fire to a body part on purpose - just for laughs?


Do you yearn to be Johnny Knoxville, Fred Durst or Marilyn Manson, if only you could be as smart as them?


Does Days of our Lives rivet you like the deftly plotted masterpiece it is?


Does the word "dildo" make you laugh like a delighted pig for hours on end?


Think of someone different to you. It doesn't matter how they're different; they've just got to be Not Like You. Now. Do you want to stuff them in a locker, tape their buttocks together or shove their whiny, different little heads down the toilet?


Can you believe it's not butter?


Do you just love these quizzes? If you had an online journal or diary, would you eschew actual content for more and more of these cute little graphics?


Does the consumption of baked snackfoods present a cerebral challenge?


Does nothing set your day aglow more than string cheese?


Have you ever obliterated a village?

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