What Will Your Tattoo Look Like When You Get Older? Badass Seniors Show Off Their Tats

One of the most used arguments against getting inked is that this permanent body enhancement may sag, distort and wrinkle as your skin ages. The popular belief is that tattoos just don’t suit old people and that many regret their decision to get tattooed later in life.

Well, these badass seniors prove that it is not about age, but character, and wear their tats with pride.

What is more awesome than growing old together? Well, according to this couple: to grow old together looking great. The tattoos don’t even look faded much.


Although this guy’s body changed a lot since he got his first tattoo, it is still a great piece and still suits his personality.


This lady really kept in shape and proves that being old doesn’t mean that you can’t look sexy with your tattoos.

Looking at this guy you can see that clothing may go out of style, but a good tattoo can look great for years.


For this guy, tattoos are a great way to keep the people who mattered to him close, even in old age.


Seeing this guy fully clothed, you would have no idea how badass he looks underneath.


For some, like this 87 year young lady, old age is a time to start exploring new things in life. She just recently got this tattoo and it looks great on her.


Another lady who decided to adorn her body with a floral tattoo for her 80th birthday.

Next time your friends try to convince you not to get inked because it will “look bad when you get old,” just point them to this post!


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