She Refused To Pull The Plug - Now He Is Walking

Matt Davis was in a horrifying motorcycle accident in July 2011. The 22 year old sustained many injuries, among which severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Matt and Danielle had only been married for 7 months and she was not ready to let him go. When the doctors told her that it would be best if they take him off life support, it was unlikely that he would ever wake up, she begged them  to just give him a bit more time so they can see whether he improves. As he wasn't showing much progress, they discharged him from the hospital and Danielle and her mom cared for Matt 24/7.  This involved using a feeding tube, doing sponge baths, administering over 20 medications, changing his adult "briefs" and turning him every 2 hours to prevent bed sores.

Eventually Danielle noticed that Matt was trying to talk. It was a mere whisper, but she encouraged him to keep trying. One day, she gave him a hat and told him to put it on his head. He gasped "I'm trying!", uttering his first two words since the accident. She was elated and really fought to get Matt to rehab again hwere Occupational, Speech and Physical therapists taught him the basics again. After three months, he could make jokes, sing, laugh, drink and eat on his own. His memory from before the accident is however still lacking. He can't remember anything about their relationship, their wedding day, but they now have the opportunity to fall back in love again. 

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