Secret of the Easter Island Heads Revealed

We have all seen the photos of the weird heads sticking out of the earth at Easter Island, but they actually hide a secret that not everybody know about. This is not exactly recent news, but it is still interesting to learn that these heads or "moai" actually have bodies as well. They have just been buried to their shoulders due to wind and weather. During excavation of some of the "heads" at Rano Raraku, archeologists also discovered interesting markings on the bodies. The burial of the statues actually protected these markings from erosion.

Their actual meaning however still remains a mystery, as well as how these statues were erected without the use of modern technology. The assumption was that it would have been impossible to move them, as this island is totally tree-less, but research has revealed that the island actually used to have a very lush forest, before it was completely destroyed by humans. It is possible that wooden sleds were used to move the statues in place. As there is however virtually nobody left of the original Easter Island population, there are still many mysteries that may never be revealed..

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