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AFI Show, updates

by Chochiphopera

So, Rachel and I planned to hit the AFI CD signing but when we saw all the kidlets there, we said, “PUH-EACE” to them all and skedaddled on to The Flying M, which is a nearby coffee shop. Who did we see ahead of us in line but DAVEY HAVOK himself. Being the supremely uncool people we are, we approached and blabbed words at him and got our pictures taken with him until he reminded us that he was due at the CD signing. So we giggled as he departed.

I have now decided that my phone is a good luck charm because it has pictures of me and Rach with Boz Boorer and now it has pictures with me and Rach with Davey Havok. Sweet! Oh, Davey showed us his Moz tattoo and was generally a sweetheart even though Rachel told him that we stole our copy of Crash Love. So I tried to PR spin the situation by promising to buy one. I haven’t yet, but I feel that I should keep my promises made to musicians. I don’t give my word to them lightly.

And the show? The opener, a band called Ceremony, played retarded, out-dated punk, but I think they were being ironic, which increased my enjoyment. My clues? The bassist had a tattoo of a kitten on his elbow, and the guitarist manned the merch table wearing a pretty Prince shirt. I don’t know how much punk cred you can have with those two things going on. If they were being serious, then they totally sucked. Funny how intent changes my evaluation of a band and their work.

AFI totally rocked me and I found my inner AFI fangirl. Rach and I were hanging in the back because teenies totally push people around and act like entitled cuntholes at shows and I don’t have to put up with it so I tend to avoid them while fantasizing about making them bleed. But this guy said he was going to push up front when AFI started and he did exactly that and Rach and I followed him. I managed to end the show pretty close to the barrier. I don’t usually fight my way towards the front at shows. Weird. I didn’t know most of the words to any songs but the singles from Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground, but that doesn’t always matter. In my mind I think I made eye contact with Davey during “Miss Murder” and I hoped that he recognized me from the day before. He played songs requested by people at the signing which made me kick myself for not asking for “This Celluloid Dream”. I love that song even though I don’t fully know what it’s about. I just like the singalong chorus “CINEMATIC!” and so on. So yes, I had a lot of fun and it actually ranks pretty high on my ever-growing list of concerts, especially for a smaller-venue show like at the KF/Big Easy.

Sooooo AFI’s hitting Boise

by Chochiphopera

And I might just go and see them. I’m a casual fan AT BEST, but I do enjoy Davey Havoc as a person. They are going to hold a CD signing at The Record Exchange Sunday, November 17 at 5pm. Space is limited, so you are encouraged to show up early. More details at the band’s official webspace.

They next day, they’re playing at show at the Knitting Factory. You can buy tickets at the Knitting Factory box office or online on the event page.

Lol, AFI

Mo’ Moz

by Chochiphopera

For today’s post, I’m still leaning towards others’ portrayals of Moz.

Y’all know and love Bill Nye the Science Guy, right? And if you love Bill Nye the Science Guy, you have to love the music videos. That’s just a fact.

In this video, we learn about momentum.

Great speeches through history, if they’d been made on Twitter

by Benjamin

@mlkingjr29 I have a dream: one day this nation will rise up & ppl will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
@mlkingjr29 Perfect 140! Booyah.

@jfk_4u Need to beat the Commies. Ask me what you can do. Please RT.
@jfk_4u “Beat the Commies” is a euphemism. Ask me what you can do. Please RT. (Are you hot?)

@TPaine These are the times that try men’s souls. There was danger and the city & the country came forth to meet it. Please RT. Shortay!

@richardmilhous I’m honest. This audit says so, ffs. I have proof. I’m honest. Really. PS: This kid sent me ten bucks! PS 2: I hate Russkies. See? Honest.

@JapaneseFoodSux Tweeple! Read my lips: no new taxes. Okay, so you can’t see my lips. You’ll just have to trust me.

@tehgipper @glasnostdude, want to hang? Meet me here at the gate. Tweetup at the wall!
@tehgipper @glasnostdude OMG, IT’S WORLD WAR THREE
@tehgipper @glasnostdude lol, just kidding
@glasnostdude block tehgipper

@AbeLinks Gettysburg: http://bit.ly/gettysburgurl

@jfk_4u Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner.” (My interpreter translated my German! Thx!) #berlinwall
@jfk_4u “I am a donut”?! I just fired my interpreter.
@jfk_4u Though I gotta say, donuts are pretty cool.
@jfk_4u Wanna see what I can do with one?
@theActualMafia @jfk_4u Hey, I just added you to my Mafia family. You should accept my invitation!
@jfk_4u @theActualMafia Ooh, okay!

@richardmilhous Okay, okay, I’m not honest. I’ll be gone at noon tomorrow. kthxbye.

@barackobama RT @TPaine There was danger and the city & the country came forth to meet it. Shortay!

Illuminati? In my music? It’s more likely than you think!

by Chochiphopera

At least according to these guys. Illuminati puppets are everywhere, and they’re some of your favorite artists. Lady Gaga? Yup. Beyonce and Jay-Z? Queen and King of The Occult. Rihanna? Pure evil. Not even Princess Di is spared. Her memorials are rife with occult symbolism.

Check this shit out. You will be shocked and amazed. Open your eyes, sheeple.