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Icelandic music is better than yours

by Benjamin

6 Responses to “Icelandic music is better than yours”

  1. McStalker Lad Says:

    Umm I’m not sure all my comments would fit in this box *twitches due to memory of video*

  2. Murphy Says:


    It. Um.

    Ben. Why did you?

    Hm. Ok. Fine.

    Cheap sex.

  3. Catnip Says:

    Oh yes, far superior :3

    LazyTown is made in Iceland too :D

  4. David Of Putnam Says:

    holy wow

  5. Ash Says:

    The most amazing video i’ve ever seen. Your way right, this is totally better then my music. 8D

  6. K Says:

    I just came in my pants. Her ability to squeeze so many syllables into not as many notes drives me wild.

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