Comments passed in the cafeteria today about an oversized pudding

This is a serious undertaking.

A pudding like that, you pay mainly for the mining rights.

See you on the other side.

I think I'm in orbit.

Woohah! Struck fruit!

dude srsly that's fruit now but when it started it was apatosaurus

Eat quickly. Tectonic drift. Just sayin'.

That was first crossed in 1868. Many died in the attempt.

Pudding like that, you don't get sugar overload so much as impure sugar AND DIABETES

Pace yourself. One timezone at a time.


There can be only one. On cosmological grounds.

That's not so much crumble as decline and fall.

That's not so much custard as - I stand corrected, that is so much custard.

I think I see plums, and Lesotho

Nice how they supply it in a bath. For when you feel dirty afterwards, inside.

Self-justifying pudding. If you can carry it to the table, you've earned it.

Hey did you like the Bourne Ultimatum last night

Yeah it was OK


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