Embarrassing Photos Superheroes Wouldn't Want You To See

We all have those photos - the ones from our youth we wish to remove from the family photo album and burn. Well, our modern superheroes also have images like that and look a lot different onscreen now from what they used to in the 70s. Not only have they lost their beer bellies and become more muscular, but their personalities have also changed somewhat: they are much darker, more emo and in touch with their feelings. Their costumes are drained of al lot of color but a lot sleeker and thank heavens they got rid of the cheap spandex suits that used to rule the day. Let’s have a look how some of the fan-favorites have changed since then.


1.    Batman

Batman no longer uses shark repellent spray to get a shark from his butt and runs up and down the docs with a bomb that he has no idea what to do with. The 1966 Batman movie didn’t take itself seriously in the least and contained a lot of jokes that now mostly belong in kiddies’ movies. No, the 2012 Batman now suffers from serious PTSD after being locked up in a dark and a scary place and dons a creepy mask to embrace his fears. His struggle to overcome his personal issues seems to be bigger than his plight to save Gotham city. At least his looks make up for it (the 1966 Batman clearly had no idea what a gym is) and yellow is so yesteryear in any case.


2.    Captain America

Chris Evans can thank his lucky stars that Captain America’s costume was updated as it was embarrassing to say the least. Not only was his predecessor’s outfit a bit too tight for comfort, but those goggles and biker helmet did not really compliment his handsome face. His bike looks like it belongs in a circus (most teenagers today wouldn’t want to be seen in the same vicinity of a bike like that) and his greatest asset, the awesome, indestructible vibranium shield looks like it was made from pure plastic. The 1990's Cap also didn't look much better, with the ridiculous wings around his ears. The modern Captain America’s costume was toned down a lot when it comes to color, which might actually benefit him in battle as it doesn’t make him such a easily identifiable target. Obviously the new Cap also comes with a sad back story, a lot of flashbacks and severe depression.


3.    The Incredible Hulk

Where the 1970’s Incredible Hulk from the TV series relied on green body paint and camera tricks for his transformation, today’s Hulk is pure CGI. This does make him a bit less realistic but a lot more awesome (and less funny). At least the producers don’t have to worry about body paint rubbing off everytime the actor sweats anymore. With the modern Hulk, the focus is a lot on the intense guilt he feels after a rampage and the monster turns all puppy-eyed around the girl he loves.


4.    Superman

Superman may have lost his curl, but his alien suit is much sleeker and better looking. It also makes more sense than the bright blue and red (a color-combination that seems to have been all the rage in the superhero world of the 70s). It is also such a relief that he no longer wears his underwear on the outside for the world to see. The new Superman however does seem to have a lot of daddy issues, is not too fond of people and a lot more cynical.


5.    Wonder Woman

We will still have to wait and see what the new Wonder Woman has in store for us in 2016’s much anticipated Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice. We can already see a huge departure from her original outfit in the sneak peeks we have had. It is slightly less revealing and a bit more practical and it actually looks like it can serve some purpose as armor. She also looks a lot more like an Amazon warrior princess and less like Miss America from some bizarre beauty pageant. Wonder Woman has always kicked ass and undoubtedly will again, but it is also very likely that she would be suffering from some type of inner emotional struggle to make her character more relatable. Many fans have been waiting in anticipation for years to see her in action again, so hopefully she lives up to expectations. 

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