Brave 7-Year Old Wishes To Die To Save His Mother's Life

7-year old Chen had an unusual deathbed wish - to donate his kidney to his mother. Chen developed a brain tumor at 5 years of age and the doctors said that he would never see adulthood. His mother, Zhou Lu, was diagnosed with Euremia around the same time and was too weak to look after him, so they spent a lot of time together in the hospital.

When the doctors explained to Chen's grandmother that the little boy would not live much longer, but that his organs could save three other lives, she tried to convince her daughter that her son could help her. Zhou Lu wanted to hear nothing off it, but Chen overheard their conversation and insisted, "I want to save your life." Zhou eventually agreed and said that a part of Chen would then at least always be with her. Within hours after his death, the doctors did the transplant. They held a short prayer session before starting with the surgery. Chen's mother, who would have died without the transplant, fully recovered.

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