3 Year Old Remembers Being Murdered in Past Life And Tracks Down Killer

In a small town, Golan Heights, a 3 year old Syrian boy starts telling stories he remembers about a previous life as soon as he could talk. There are more incidents like this across the world, but this one is even weirder - he remembers being murdered and knows exactly how it happened. At first, his parents ignore him - but he persists and his memories seem to become even more vivid. 

Eventually they go to the location where he says his past self was buried and, to their astonishment, they actually find a shallow grave. The body that is buried there has a scar on the skull, at exactly the same spot as a birth mark on the boy's head. The boy then shows the authorities where the murder weapon is buried and also gives the name of the killer. 

Once the killer heard about the boy and his remarkable story, he actually went and gave himself up, admitting to the murder.

It seems like a very bizarre story, but apparently it is actually true.

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